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Sagrada Familia has entered its final stage of construction!

In 2018, we saw the completion of the Passion facade and the beginning of the tower of Jesus Chris construction. And as each year passes, it’s starting to get really exciting for Sagrada Familia fans. As workers try to complete construction by the 2026 deadline, which will mark hundred years from Gaudi’s death, what can we expect in 2019?

First of all, the temple is changing the skyline.

2019 will be the year the Barcelona skyline begins to change.

We will see the central towers continue to rise as the four towers of the Evangelists, which stood at 92.80 meters, or five levels, at the end of 2018, will have 10 levels. They will eventually grow to 135 meters by 2022.

The tower of the Virgin Mary will go from fourteen levels to eighteen. That is 110.65 meters of the 138 meters it will be at completion.

And finally, the tower of Jesus Christ, which began this year at nearly 91 meters tall, will arrive to 106.39 meters. Three levels more by the end of 2019!

Also, the pinnacles on the Towers of the Evangelists are being designed.

These pinnacles, sculpted by Xavier Medina Campeny, for the towers of the Evangelists, will consist of an angel for Matthew, a lion for Mark, a bull for Luke and an eagle for John.

This work is being done in the workshop. So, you will have to come back to Barcelona to see them fully installed in 2022.

But hey, who needs an excuse to come back to visit Barcelona?

And the Tower of Jesus Christ will feature an elevator?!

The central lantern continues to grow, and will eventually be 172.5 meters high when the work is completed. Furthermore, exciting work will also be happening inside of the tower…

There will be a glass lift taking visitors up to 143.5 meters!!

Finally, we expect the completion of the preliminary design for the Glory Facade.

The workers will set out the design for the basic shapes of the columns, entrance way, and chapels.

In addition, three theologians that the Sagrada Familia Foundation appointed will be advising the architectural team on how to sculpt the messages Gaudi wanted to convey. They will be sure to maintain the integrity of the meaning and symbolism.

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